Beating believers and fleeing from military recruitment officers: the persons storming churches in Bukovyna have been identified.

On 6 and 8 February, supporters of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), with the help of several dozen heavy-set men, seized the Peter and Paul Church in the city of Sokyriany and attempted to seize the Peter and Paul Church the village of Lenkivtsi, Chernivtsi region. According to the Dozor na Pershomu Kozatskomu Telegram channel, the seizure of the churches was ‘led by OCU chaplains Roman Hryshchuk and Nazar Krasnodemskyi. Physical support was provided to them by hired militants from the security firm Tyhr (Tiger — ed.)’, the Information and Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reports.

It is noted that the raiders in Sokyriany ‘broke into the shrine, pushed out the parishioners, and blocked the church’. In Lenkivtsi, the hired militants cut the locks on the church and used brute force against the believers.

‘As reported from the place of the events, the raiders from the OCU were armed with chains and brass knuckles’, add the journalists.

One of the mercenaries attacked a parishioner in Lenkivtsi: ‘The video shows a UOC believer approaching the raiders who have lined up in front of the doors of the House of God. The criminals rush at the parishioner of the church and start beating him.’

It is noted that the police, who were present on the spot, ‘actually covered the raiders, claiming “neutrality”’.

According to Dozor na Pershomu Kozatskomu, it was not the first time that employees of the Tyhr security company had been hired by OCU supporters to storm Orthodox churches. They took part in the seizure of churches in the villages of Tovtry, Vaslovivtsi, and Rynhach. In Rynhach, the raiders brutally attacked the rector of the Ascension Church of the UOC, Fr Serafym Dumytru.

At the same time, eyewitnesses from Sokyriany shared their observation of the ‘quick evacuation’ of the attackers from this company when they were, apparently, informed that military recruitment officers were coming to the church.

‘Here is a story that illustrates our “heroes from the OCU” very vividly. As soon as the prospect of storming military targets, not churches, appeared on the horizon, they immediately “evacuated”. Of course, it is much easier to wage a war with Orthodox Christians and with women than with the invader’, the message reads.

On the website, photos, a video: https://news.church.ua/2024/02/09/beating-believers-and-fleeing-from-military-recruitment-officers-the-persons-storming-churches-in-bukovyna-have-been-identified/?lang=en#2024-02-09.

Beating believers and fleeing from military recruitment officers: the persons storming churches in Bukovyna have been identified – Ukrainian Orthodox Church